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Can Agile Governance Restore Trust in Government ?

The social unrest Latin America is going through reflects the frustrated aspirations of a growing, but vulnerable middle-class that expects better public services and greater social justice. For this to happen, bureaucracies need to put people first.

GX endorsed at the 2nd Government Services Forum

The second edition of the Forum gathers 16 leaders at Berkeley to talk about government services

Government Outsourcing Has Proven to be a Durable Model in the UK

Outsourcing has been a qualified success in the UK, writes Colm Britchfield from the Institute for Government, delivering real benefits and value for money in some areas, but failing in others

It’s Make or Break Time for GovTech Investments

GovTech is still in its infancy, but timely investments could unlock a growth spurt, writes Carlos Santiso, the director of governance practice at the Development Bank of Latin America

Here's How Tech Can Help Fight Corruption and Improve Government

Technology is changing and challenging governments around the world. With data analytics and artificial intelligence, new technologies are giving governments the opportunity to improve public services and curb corruption

How to Exit Latin America’s Maze of Corruption?

Restoring trust is at the center of Latin America's political agenda. It’s not just the big corruption scandals that matter. Many governments are attacking red tape and petty, administrative corruption to try to clean things up

Why Invest in Govtech Now?

A GovTech goldrush is underway in Latin America. Far away from Silicon Valley, a new digital ecosystem is emerging, changing the way government works and building new public-private partnerships for public innovation


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This is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to contribute and share ideas and thoughts that can shape government services in every imaginable way. Contribute and share knowledge with other thought leaders, innovators, futurists, civil servants, policy specialists, academics and decision makers as well as with thinktanks, labs, government organizations, corporations and startups.

What can you contribute?
You can contribute various types of content like: case studies, articles, book reviews, opinions, policy briefs, podcasts and videos among others. But they must be directly or indirectly related to the conversation around the services governments deliver to citizens and businesses.



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