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Moonshot Ideas For Government Services

AI-controlled runways; national cryptocurrency licensing system; digital trade deals

Weekly Roundup of Companies Disrupting Services

Predictive analytics for shipping data; UberASSIST supports seniors and disabled

How To Design Public Services for the 21st Century

This week's multimedia contribution from YLab provides 5 tips on designing public services for the 21st century.

Singapore Releases Model AI Governance Framework at WEF’s Davos Summit

Singapore shares their model AI Governance Framework.

Global Taxation Needed for Success of the Digital Age

The CEO of, Gillian Tans, makes his case against EU’s digital services tax (DST) .

GX Talks - Experience-led Innovation: Creating the new gold standard for 21st Century government services

Ross is currently the Group Chief Digital Officer across GEMS Global Education and Varkey Group.

GX Talks - Experience first: The evolving public-private partnership

MUDASSIR SHEIKHA, The CEO and Co-Founder of Careem, the region’s leading ride-hailing service.


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Who can contribute?
This is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to contribute and share ideas and thoughts that can shape government services in every imaginable way. Contribute and share knowledge with other thought leaders, innovators, futurists, civil servants, policy specialists, academics and decision makers as well as with thinktanks, labs, government organizations, corporations and startups.

What can you contribute?
You can contribute various types of content like: case studies, articles, book reviews, opinions, policy briefs, podcasts and videos among others. But they must be directly or indirectly related to the conversation around the services governments deliver to citizens and businesses.



OECD members, including U.S., back guiding principles to make AI safer
Singapore chases tech 'Jedi Masters' for Silicon Valley ambitions
WGEO, UNFCCC to establish regional cooperation centre in Dubai
Future of Government Communication Forum seeks to build stronger bridges between government and society
UAE key player in shaping future global trends: Hamdan bin Rashid
Climate Change Forum to discuss key challenges facing humanity
Global Dialogue for Happiness to discuss 'Wellbeing Governments'
UAE leads data-sharing platform to deploy AI
Imran Khan to share Pakistan’s future vision during World Government Summit


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