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Adapting the Workforce to Globalization 4.0

The Internet of Things, machine learning and other technologies are a new reality changing the face of employment – and governments need to lead the change

The Ethics of AI Surveillance and Which Countries Are Using It

How can governments approach the delicate issue of AI-enhanced surveillance?

Why Urban Farming is a Growing Trend for Smart Cities

From Dubai to Beijing, urban farms are growing nutrient-rich produce entirely indoors, reducing energy costs and solving food security concerns

To Become Agile, Government Employees Need New Skills

In today’s era of rapid change, what specific skills are required by public sector employees to contribute to and create an agile government?

Case Study: Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiative is Driving AI Innovation

Singapore's progressive approach to AI is transforming government services, driving innovation and making the nation a better place to work, live and play

Why Innovation is Key to the Green Economy

With only a decade left to tackle the Sustainable Development Goals, we need a green revolution focused on technological innovation

GX Talks: Filmmaker and Technology Futurist Ian Khan on Blockchain

What is the impact of Blockchain? Filmmaker, tech expert and three-times TEDx speaker, Ian Khan, shares his views


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This is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to contribute and share ideas and thoughts that can shape government services in every imaginable way. Contribute and share knowledge with other thought leaders, innovators, futurists, civil servants, policy specialists, academics and decision makers as well as with thinktanks, labs, government organizations, corporations and startups.

What can you contribute?
You can contribute various types of content like: case studies, articles, book reviews, opinions, policy briefs, podcasts and videos among others. But they must be directly or indirectly related to the conversation around the services governments deliver to citizens and businesses.



Grid-interactive, energy-efficient buildings offer major innovation opportunities
Here are the cities that are leading in electrifying transportation
Opinion: Proposed $21 Billion Transportation Spending Plan a Step in the Right Direction
The Future of the Streetlight Might Be in the Past
India to carry out nationwide citizen count
UAE aims to shape future, and not just anticipate it, DEWA CEO tells first World Excellence Summit
As Climate Risk Grows, Cities Test a Tough Strategy: Saying ‘No’ to Developers
Las Vegas Brings AI to Traffic Lights
When Residents Support Solar—Just ‘Not in My Backyard’


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