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Case Study: Paris Wants to Share its World-Class Digital Success With Other Cities

Paris built a world-class, open platform for digitising city services – and it wants to share it with other cities around the world

What the World May Look Like in 2030 And How That Affects Government Services

2030 is going to look vastly different. Governments will need to fundamentally reimagine their services.

Data-driven Local Government Delivers Results for Residents – Lessons from Gold-Certified Cities in Bloomberg Philanthropies' What Works Cities Initiative

Through collaboration, the sharing of data and a 'universal toolkit' for larger change, cities like Kansas, Washington D.C. and Louisville are being recognised for finding solutions to urban problems

How Governments Can Design User Centered Service Interactions?

With the surge in digitization across the world with COVID-19, governments have a unique opportunity to design and deploy seamless government service interactions online that are centered around their citizen’s needs.

5 Tips on Designing Public Services for the 21st Century

Dominic Campbell, founder and director, FutureGov, shares key insights on designing public services for the 21st century

Thailand’s strategy for digital transformation

Supot Tiarawut, CEO of Thailand’s Digital Government Agency, discusses how AI, digital ID, and open data will play a role.

Innovation and Emerging Technologies in Government: Keys to Success

Dr. Shark offers inspiring examples of how innovation leaders are adapting emerging intelligent automation technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.


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This is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to contribute and share ideas and thoughts that can shape government services in every imaginable way. Contribute and share knowledge with other thought leaders, innovators, futurists, civil servants, policy specialists, academics and decision makers as well as with thinktanks, labs, government organizations, corporations and startups.

What can you contribute?
You can contribute various types of content like: case studies, articles, book reviews, opinions, policy briefs, podcasts and videos among others. But they must be directly or indirectly related to the conversation around the services governments deliver to citizens and businesses.



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