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Top 7 Tips for Creating a User-Friendly Government Service Website That Satisfies Citizens

Organizing a website by life situation, providing quick links, offering end-to-end services, and providing one secure login ID across all government entities, are some of the features government websites can provide to make the process more user-friendly for customers.

Symbiotic Governments | Decluttering governments through Mission Clusters

The realization of a symbiotic government requires multiple components and a way for translating how missions come together and scale. This article elaborates on how Mission Clusters can be the vehicle for deploying and scaling missions successfully.

3 Strategies That Make For Seamless Digital Service Delivery

Governments are taking to achieve seamless service delivery with the implementation of three main strategies: committing to fully digital and touchless services, designing proactive services around life events, and building the infrastructure to support the seamless service.

Symbiotic Governments | Conceptualizing missions for a better tomorrow

A symbiotic government has the potential to transform the hierarchical, siloed structure of independent ministries, which will allow us to strategize for the future and drive exponential change and progress.

Serco Institute : Research suggests that the UAE is leading the way in measuring user satisfaction for government services

How can we design a user satisfaction metric specifically for government services?

Symbiotic Governments | We cannot build the future using systems of the past

It is time to transform governments from 19th-century mindsets and silos toward 21st-century structures and systems. This transformation has the potential to shift hierarchical, siloed government systems of the past into interdependent, interconnected, neural-like systems, with long-term value ing

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