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How Governments Can Remain Effective and Rebuild Public Trust

Spreading and sharing power form the basis of the ‘The Shared Power Principle’ – could it be the new vision for governments to achieve the best results?

Moonshot Ideas for Government Services

From AI-controlled runways and a national cryptocurrency licensing system to digital trade deals, here are some big-impact ideas relating to government services

4 Ways to Make a City More Walkable

Jeff Speck, a city planner and urban designer, advocates for more walkable cities

Case Study: Barcelona is Making the City More Accessible for the Visually Impaired

A programme implemented by the city’s public transport service is making the city easier to access and navigate for the visually impaired

These Clever Tech Solutions Will Improve a City’s Liveability

To cope with more people moving to cities, we need a unique approach to urban planning

Case Study: Toronto's Plan for Diversity, Inclusion and Urban Resilience

With recent waves of migration, Toronto city planners, the public and other community stakeholders are working together to build a city that is inclusive, equitable, meaningful and culturally distinguishable

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