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Moonshot Ideas For Government Services

AI-controlled runways; national cryptocurrency licensing system; digital trade deals

Weekly Roundup of Companies Disrupting Services

Predictive analytics for shipping data; UberASSIST supports seniors and disabled

How To Design Public Services for the 21st Century

This week's multimedia contribution from YLab provides 5 tips on designing public services for the 21st century.

Singapore Releases Model AI Governance Framework at WEF’s Davos Summit

Singapore shares their model AI Governance Framework.

Global Taxation Needed for Success of the Digital Age

The CEO of, Gillian Tans, makes his case against EU’s digital services tax (DST) .

The Future of Government Services, Part 2

This is part 2 of a 4-part series on government services. With all the benefits of moving to digital experiences, what is standing in the way of broader adoption?

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