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Case Study: Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiative is Driving AI Innovation

Singapore's progressive approach to AI is transforming government services, driving innovation and making the nation a better place to work, live and play

Why Innovation is Key to the Green Economy

With only a decade left to tackle the Sustainable Development Goals, we need a green revolution focused on technological innovation

GX Talks: Filmmaker and Technology Futurist Ian Khan on Blockchain

What is the impact of Blockchain? Filmmaker, tech expert and three-times TEDx speaker, Ian Khan, shares his views

Cryptocurrency Regulations Around the World

How are countries around the world approaching cryptocurrency regulation?

GX Talks: Hyperloop Chairman Bibop Gresta on Why the Future of Mobility is Ticketless, Frictionless and Sustainable

The system of transportation is broken, says Bibop Gresta, Co-Founder & Chairman of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, but there are solutions

The Asian Startups Tackling the Plastic Pollution Epidemic

India may have shelved plans to ban single-use plastic altogether, but throughout Asia, startups are tackling plastics with a mixture of pioneering creativity and tech

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