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The Future of Government Services

Future of government services and identifying how it could impact government services today.

Gov Services 2.0: How to Think Like Your Customer

Customers want a simplified experience that is tailored to their needs. Thinking like your customer is essential for a successful Government 2.0 transformation. 

Top 9 Government Services Trends for 2022

The use of digital assistants, all-in-one platforms, and increased security play a crucial role in repositioning the wealth of opportunities that lie ahead. 

Customer-Centric Design-Led User Experience in Government

It’s important to rethink processes and user experience with the context of digital government in order to bring government services closer to citizens. 

Gov Services 2.0: How Improving Data Sets Meet New Customer Needs

Government Services 2.0 uses technology to better solve collective problems at a city, national and international level. There are four stages to the process of transitioning to an interactive electronic system. 

Untangling E-gov, Digital Government and Gov Services 2.0

Multiple barriers are slowing governments’ adoption of new technology. However, some governments have started exploring IT technologies such as e-government,digital government, and government services 2.0.

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