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GX Talks - Leadership Dialogues with Lauren Aaronson, Santiago Garces, Martha Dorris, Carolyn Staats and Dan Chenok

In collaboration with the IBM Center for the Business of Government, GX Talks recently hosted a special session titled: "Transforming public service experiences through the power of data and new technologies". Watch the session here.

The GovTech Index 2020

Take a look at the first comprehensive measurement of GovTech ecosystems in the world.

Why governing data is key for the future of cities

A modern local government cannot be sustained without good data governance, secure data infrastructure, and digital talent to extract public value from data.

Portugal’s Journey Towards Digital Progress

The digital transformation operated in Portugal in the past two decades has been extraordinary. It has set in motion important changes in mind-sets and the traditional culture of Portuguese administration, putting citizens at the centre. It demonstrates that countries can leapfrog digital transformation. The experience of Portugal provides many valuable insights and lessons for digital reformers seeking to accelerate their digital transition.

Does digitalisation reduce corruption?

This think piece explores the effects of specific digitalisation reforms on different types of corruption and the policy channels through which they operate. It calls for greater synergies between digital government reforms and anti-corruption strategies.

Innovative Breakthroughs Impacting Governments Over The Next 10 Years

What are some of the breakthrough concepts and technologies that will change the way governments work and operate over the next 10 years? This infographic explains.

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