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The Integration of Innovation - Sharjah

A glimpse into a knowledge-centered city

Raising the Bar for Digital Experience

Two US cities have shown that digital solutions can facilitate offering quality digital experience and delivering significant benefits to their residents and other stakeholders.

Introducing the Institute of Impossible Ideas

Rebooting public services for the 21st century, by FutureGov

Singapore’s secret for coping with uncertainty

Interview with Lim Siong Guan, Singapore’s ex-Head of the Civil Service. Presented by GovInsider.

Contactless Government Is Booming: 10 Ways to Keep the Momentum Going

Governments need to focus on 10 areas to maintain the momentum of contactless government services.

Making Government Forms WISER

The Behavioral Economics Team of the Australian Government (BETA) is using behavioral insights to make government forms WISER.

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