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How Governments Can Design User Centered Service Interactions?

With the surge in digitization across the world with COVID-19, governments have a unique opportunity to design and deploy seamless government service interactions online that are centered around their citizen’s needs.

Thailand’s strategy for digital transformation

Supot Tiarawut, CEO of Thailand’s Digital Government Agency, discusses how AI, digital ID, and open data will play a role.

Innovation and Emerging Technologies in Government: Keys to Success

Dr. Shark offers inspiring examples of how innovation leaders are adapting emerging intelligent automation technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

Digital collaboration and competition in Covid-19 response

Donors, governments, foundations and all those wishing to do good in response to the challenges presented by Covid-19, are at significant risk of failing because they have not learnt the lessons of the past.

Why Invest in Govtech Now?

A GovTech goldrush is underway in Latin America. Far away from Silicon Valley, a new digital ecosystem is emerging, changing the way government works and building new public-private partnerships for public innovation

Moonshot Ideas for Government Services

From AI-controlled runways and a national cryptocurrency licensing system to digital trade deals, here are some big-impact ideas relating to government services

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