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Innovative Breakthroughs Impacting Governments Over The Next 10 Years

What are some of the breakthrough concepts and technologies that will change the way governments work and operate over the next 10 years? This infographic explains.

Forging the future of public services with Cloud

Here’s how governments around the world are using the cloud to build better lives for their citizens.

Tech Moonshots: Big Ideas for a Brighter Future

2020 was a year like no other in modern history. A once-in-a-generation pandemic caused widespread tragedy and upended much of daily life as we knew it.

Silo Busting: The Challenges and Successes of Intergovernmental Data Sharing

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly demonstrated the importance and value of being able to share data quickly between levels of government - a new report by Jane Wiseman.

Three strategies to build a robust data regime for governments

Elastic discusses how data can help to build personalised citizen services.

How can governments share data more easily?

Data governance “gives you a pulse” on how usable your data is.

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