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Gov Services 2.0: How Improving Data Sets Meet New Customer Needs

Government Services 2.0 uses technology to better solve collective problems at a city, national and international level. There are four stages to the process of transitioning to an interactive electronic system. 

Untangling E-gov, Digital Government and Gov Services 2.0

Multiple barriers are slowing governments’ adoption of new technology. However, some governments have started exploring IT technologies such as e-government,digital government, and government services 2.0.

A Government Perspective On 9 Key Tech Trends

The world is rapidly changing and accelerating towards technological advancements ready to be harnessed by organizations and governments.

GX Talks - Leadership Dialogues with Lauren Aaronson, Santiago Garces, Martha Dorris, Carolyn Staats and Dan Chenok

In collaboration with the IBM Center for the Business of Government, GX Talks recently hosted a special session titled: "Transforming public service experiences through the power of data and new technologies". Watch the session here.

The GovTech Index 2020

Take a look at the first comprehensive measurement of GovTech ecosystems in the world.

Why governing data is key for the future of cities

A modern local government cannot be sustained without good data governance, secure data infrastructure, and digital talent to extract public value from data.

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