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The Ethics of AI Surveillance and Which Countries Are Using It

How can governments approach the delicate issue of AI-enhanced surveillance?

Case Study: Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiative is Driving AI Innovation

Singapore's progressive approach to AI is transforming government services, driving innovation and making the nation a better place to work, live and play

GX Talks: How to Reinvent Government Services With AI

Bashar Kilani, Region Executive, Gulf Countries & Levant, IBM Middle East, explains why data is fundamental for cognitive governments

Estonia's Digital Transformation Into One of the World's Most Tech-Savvy Societies

As governments tackle data collection, artificial intelligence and cyber threats, the Baltic nation of Estonia is a blueprint for digital transformation success

Radical New Technologies will Make People “Super Human” and the Government More Efficient

We are standing at the doorstep of a new world and experience, says futurist and best-selling author Zoltan Istvan. Humans and their advancing technology will create paths and designs of our universe that will transform us into super humans

5G Will Create New Sectors in Government Services

AI, machine learning and 5G are all developments that will have unforeseen and positive effects on the delivery of government services

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