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Thought-Experiment 39: Governments need a PolicyStore

Whilst the phrase there’s an “app for that” has become commonplace, it’s not entirely true - chances are there isn’t an app for the latest policies launched by your government. I mean a root and branch adoption of the value that apps-architecture offer.

Government on a Subscription?

The world has never been changed merely by the invention of new products and services. Sustained, disruptive, and global change only happens when we change the business models.

UX in Government: Why We Need to Stop Calling It “Citizen Experience”

If CX is supposed to be about inclusion, let’s make our language more inclusive, too, writes cultural anthropologist, Jamie Lee.

The Chambers of Commerce in the Digital Era: A Unique instrument for Private-Public Dialogue

Chambers of commerce are ideally positioned to facilitate dialogue between the private sector and governments.

Data-driven Government Services Are Saving Time and Boosting Happiness

Time is precious, which is why governments are turning to data to streamline services, saving citizens visits to municipality offices

How Technology is Changing Government Services: Gradually, then Suddenly

Three important buckets define the relationship between technology and government services: collection of data, storage of data, and use of data. This article touches on their specific relationships

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