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GX Podcast hosts Roberto Croci, Managing Director of Microsoft for Startups in the Middle East & Africa Region

In this episode of the GX Podcast, Ian Khan speaks with Roberto Croci who is leading a trailblazing effort to work with startups in the Middle East.

Innovative Breakthroughs Impacting Governments Over The Next 10 Years

What are some of the breakthrough concepts and technologies that will change the way governments work and operate over the next 10 years? This infographic explains.

GX Podcast: Listen to all episodes here

GX Podcast is a unique series of dialogue on citizen services. You can listen to all episodes of the GX Podcast here. Some episodes are also available as video podcasts and you can find the links below. More episodes will be added soon.

GX Podcast: Ryan Androsoff from the Institute on Governance in Canada speaks with host Ian Khan

Listen to Ryan talk about the origins of Canadian Digital Service (CDS), trust in governments vis-a-vis digital, digital literacy in public servants, governments engaging on social media, paradigm shift to personalized AI assistants helping with government services in the future...and more!

GX Podcast hosts Jaideep Prabhu, Professor and Author of 'How Should a Government Be?'

Listen to Jaideep talk about principles of designing public services that can enhance trust, how power can be shifted closer to people, outside in government and much more!

Should Governments Gamify Service Delivery? - GX Podcast with Lisa Wong and Arad Malhotra

Join us in this new episode of the GX Podcast. In this episode, host Ian Khan speaks to Lisa Wong, CEO of PopBase & Arad Malhotra, Cofounder of Skyless Game Studios, on Gamification and Government Services.

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