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GX Podcast - In Conversation with Wolfgang Fengler

"Don’t be scared of data, otherwise you are scared of the future", says Wolfgang. Listen to a conversation on how crises shape governments, the imperative of data and the possibilities for governments in the years ahead.

GX Podcast - In Conversation with Naveen Jain

Our only limit is our imagination - that's what Naveen Jain believes in. Listen to conversations on how crises shape government experiences, our health and possibilities.

GX Podcast - In Conversation with Jane Wiseman & Pete Peterson

Conversations on public service and how crises shape government experiences - with Jane Wiseman, CEO, Institute for Excellence in Government, USA & Pete Peterson, Dean and Braun Family Dean's Chair, Senior Fellow at Davenport Institute, School of Public Policy, Pepperdine University, USA

What the world may look like in 2030

What are some of the disruptions that we will experience by 2030? What are the key areas where governments need to start reimagining the future? This infographic explains.

GX Podcast - In Conversation with Marten Kaevats

Conversations on public services, citizen experiences and government resilience - with Marten Kaevats, the National Digital Advisor of Estonia

GX Now is live

A documentary on government services and government experience. For the first time ever.

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