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The Chambers of Commerce in the Digital Era: A Unique instrument for Private-Public Dialogue

Chambers of commerce are ideally positioned to facilitate dialogue between the private sector and governments.

Growth-Mindset is not enough, we need a Growth-System

His Excellency Abdulla Bin Touq argues that growth-mindset is just one piece of a puzzle. What we need is a growth-system - where key components of all organisations, from talent, development, finance, and strategy, are all restructured to enable growth.

How to Exit Latin America’s Maze of Corruption?

Restoring trust is at the center of Latin America's political agenda. It’s not just the big corruption scandals that matter. Many governments are attacking red tape and petty, administrative corruption to try to clean things up

How do we Nudge Meat Off Our Menus?

To keep global heating below 2°C, the world’s appetite for meat must change

Case Study: Toronto's Plan for Diversity, Inclusion and Urban Resilience

With recent waves of migration, Toronto city planners, the public and other community stakeholders are working together to build a city that is inclusive, equitable, meaningful and culturally distinguishable

Adapting the Workforce to Globalization 4.0

The Internet of Things, machine learning and other technologies are a new reality changing the face of employment – and governments need to lead the change

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