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Give employees on-the-job training or cash handouts? A Rwandan study

Cash handouts proved to be the most effective way of improving outcomes for young underemployed people.

Germany is drafting a law to protect your right to work from home—and still have a life

A new German law would protect the right to work from home while also limiting the number of hours worked.

Will the Lifetime Skills Guarantee help people find jobs after COVID-19?

With millions losing their jobs after COVID-19, workers need a sophisticated tool to successfully transition into jobs in future economy sectors.

GX Talks: Filmmaker and Technology Futurist Ian Khan on Blockchain

What is the impact of Blockchain? Filmmaker, tech expert and three-times TEDx speaker, Ian Khan, shares his views

Cryptocurrency Regulations Around the World

How are countries around the world approaching cryptocurrency regulation?

What a Year of Experiments Reveals About Basic Income

With impressive effects on productivity and incomes, as well as mental and physical health – should we adopt basic income as an alternative to existing social policies?

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