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Revolutionizing the Supply Chain in the Food Industry Using BlockChain

The Article talks about how block chain can be used to track the source of agricultural produce and the exchange of hands that take place until the produce reaches the end consumer.

Radical New Technologies will Make People “Super Human” and the Government More Efficient

Humans and their advancing technology will create paths and designs of our universe that will transform us into other entities—into super human beings. We are standing at the doorstep of a new world and experience

Following the Lead of Business, Services Have to Perfect Email

Embracing email as a foundational component of an overall engagement strategy may seem dated but is just as important as using other trending platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Weekly Roundup of Government Service Toolkits

Who’s leading in AI governance; governance toolkit for drones

Governing Data in Our Daily LIves

How should ethics and norms ensure that data-driven decisions are not perpetuating biases and prejudice?

How Artificial Intelligence is Already Changing Government

A study by Deloitte has listed five ways AI can help governments reduce costs, free workers for critical tasks, and deliver efficient services.

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