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Singapore Releases Model AI Governance Framework at WEF’s Davos Summit

Singapore shares their model AI Governance Framework.

GX Talks -Services and identity in a digital society

Ott Vatter Managing Director, e-Residency Programme, Republic of Estonia

Learn How You Can Launch an AI Strategy in the New Year. Step-by-Step

Key considerations for launching an AI strategy.

54% of all employees will require extensive upskilling or reskilling by 2022

We need to take the right steps to ensure there will be skilled talent to fill future work. Here are some recommendations that could guide us positively to the next 20 years.

Cities Are Rapidly Taking on Internet of Things Technology

In 2015, 61 percent of cities participating in a national survey project said they were considering the Internet of Things in their IT strategic plans. In 2018, that number reached above 90 percent

Data Science Empowering the Public

Data-driven dashboards for transparent and accountable decision-making in smart cities

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